Moldovan Anti-Fascists in the Dock

CHISINAU | A few days ahead of Moldova’s parliamentary elections on 30 November, and amid heightened tension due to the separatist war in neighboring Ukraine, Chisinau Prosecutor Viorel Morari held a news conference to announce the arrest of activists suspected of organizing a criminal group intent on overthrowing the government, starting by staging provocations during and immediately after the elections.
Published at 13-04-2015, 19:17.

Prompt release of all political prisoners in the Republic of Moldova is needed

We, the undersigned members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, are seriously concerned about violations of the civil rights and freedoms we increasingly frequently witness in the Republic of Moldova in the context of the 30 November 2014 parliamentary election.
Published at 4-02-2015, 12:26.

Former MP: Prosecutors discredit Moldova’s image as a democracy

The actions of the prosecutors, who run the cases of political prisoners Mihail Amerberg and Pavel Grigorciuc, and other two activists of the Patria Party, Nicolae Tipovici and Cornel Moraru, discredit the Republic of Moldova – the country pretending to be a democracy and the rule of law follower.
Published at 22-01-2015, 18:49.

Amnesty International Moldova concerned about trials over political prisoners

Amnesty International Moldova (AIM) is concerned over non-transparency in trials over political prisoners Mihail Amerberg and Pavel Grigorciuc.
Published at 22-01-2015, 18:42.

Chisinau prosecutor deems it illegal that political prisoners Amerberg and Grigorciuc were arrested

Chisinau prosecutor Ivan Diacov doesn’t believe it lawful that political prisoners Mihail Amerberg and Pavel Grigorciuc were detained.
Published at 22-01-2015, 18:24.

Faces of the Moldovan Gestapo (PHOTO)

Every executor has a name, a surname, a position, a rank. For certain, each of them has families, children, parents, neighbours. Some of them have a reputation of a decent family man and neighbour. Every single one of them claims that they are allegedly forced to fulfil dirty and anti-legal orders, telling that they are fed up with this outrageous situation themselves.
Published at 15-01-2015, 13:23.

The Chisinau Court of Appeal rejected the appeal to change the pre-trial detention of Amerberg and Grigorciuc to house arrest

The Chisinau Court of Appeal rejected the appeal filed by the lawyer of Pavel Grigorciuc and Mihail Amerberg to change their pre-trial detention to house arrest. Their lawyer deems the Court’s ruling unfounded, while the prosecution still insists that the detainees pose danger to the public.
Published at 15-01-2015, 11:54.

Petrenco: If prosecutors Bobrov, Bakalim and Morari worked in France, they would have long locked up the Charlie Hebdo caricaturists

Former MP, Grigore Petrenco wrote about it in social networks, saying that the wife of the political prisoner Mihail Amerberg, Vlada got to hospital. She has a threatened miscarriage and heart problem.
Published at 15-01-2015, 11:29.