Statement by Freedom Moldova Human Rights Foundation on solidarity with AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL MOLDOVA
The Freedom Moldova Foundation expresses its solidarity with Amnesty International Moldova in connection with an inadmissible attempt undertaken by the Moldovan Prosecutor General’s Office to put pressure upon human rights activists.

The so-called joint meeting on matters of current interest organized on July 11 by the Prosecutor General’s Office turned into the public lecture-execution orchestrated by propagandists of the regime where prosecutors tried to call human rights activists down. Pressure and attempt to discredit Amnesty International Moldova also continued in the materials following the results of the above meeting published in the media affiliated to oligarch Plahotniuc.

The Freedom Moldova Human Rights Foundation condemns any forms of pressure on the independent public and international organizations by the political authorities.

At a time when violations of basic human rights and freedoms became an ordinary phenomenon in the country, and dysfunction of the state political institutions turned into a chronic disease, we urge the Prosecutor General’s Office to focus on ensuring rule of law, protection of human rights, and protection of public and national interests, rather than interference in the activity of human rights watchdogs and movements.

July 12, 2017

Published at 14-07-2017, 08:23