Statement by the Freedom Moldova Human Rights Foundation on changes in the Labour Code enacted by the Moldovan Parliament on June 21, 2017
The Freedom Moldova Foundation expresses its deep concern about the numerous amendments to the Labour Code adopted by the Moldovan Parliament at its session on June 21, 2017.

What stands out among the most scandalous and shocking changes of the legislation restraining the employee is that a childcare leave is by two years shorter (from six to four years) and the employer has been granted with the right to retire employees for age, only because they obtained the status of pensioner.

The trade unions’ powers on protection of their members are also finally nullified because from now on the employer will address to the trade union not for its consent to dismiss an employee, bot for “an advisory opinion” to do so.

No mitigating, transitional measures are provided, and it means that from the date of the publication of the amendment law every woman on a childcare leave, whose child reached by four years of age, shall be bound to go to work, and any retiree for age can be dismissed upon the employer’s order.

The Freedom Moldova Foundation condemns such gross limitations of labour rights in Moldova. The Labour Code has not undergone such tough changes since it was first enacted, i.e. for more than 14 years. We also call attention that that the Parliament organized in haste its voting in the second reading, without due consultations with civil society and relevant organizations.

July 25, 2017.

Published at 27-07-2017, 08:43