STATEMENT by the Freedom Moldova Foundation to the administration of the Penitentiary No.13 with a request to visit it.
The Freedom Moldova Foundation informs the media and the non-governmental human rights organizations and civil society that it has addressed to the Department of Penitentiary Institutions and, in particular, to the administration of the Penitentiary No.13 with a request to visit it.

During this visit the Foundation would like to see the conditions of detention of prisoners (as it was recently done in the Penitentiary No.4, Cricova, upon the initiative of the Department of Penitentiary Institutions, which organized visits to the penitentiary by the whole group of journalists and bloggers in the absence of human rights activists).

The question of cooperation of the Penitentiary No.13 with the civil society monitoring board, which has to exercise the civil oversight of the prison under the Law No.235 as of 11/13/2008, will be brought up too.

The Penitentiary No.13 is the prison of public concern. Many human rights NGOs criticized the conditions of detention in it. Besides, it periodically appears in the center of events which require intervention of the human rights activists (including the recent death of detainee Andrei Braguta, the underaged persons beaten by the Panther special forces unit officers, a large number of scandals and violations related to the detention of Veaceslav Platon).

The relevant letter has been addressed, and we will provide all with additional details on the results of its consideration.


The Foundation Administrator Roman Malinovschii

Published at 26-09-2017, 14:08