Statement by Freedom-Moldova Foundation on lacking translation of legislative updates into Russian on the government website
According to the Foundation representatives, since summer 2017 the government portal ( dealing with the official Internet publication of legal acts of the Republic of Moldova has stopped publishing legal acts in Russian.

The database of legal acts continues to be updated with changes made by new legislation; however they are published on the website in the official language only.
There are many examples to that, in particular, such legal acts as
the Law No.151 of 14/07/2017

Law No.160 of 20/07/2017
Law No.175 of 21/07/2017

Law No.190 of 21/09/2017
etc., all are published 3-4 months ago and are not put on the internet in Russian yet.

Moreover, no translation of recent changes to legislation which have been published in Russian is put on the internet either. For example, the Law on Public Associations in Russian contains the last changes of 22/07/2016, while in Romanian – of 02/11/2017.

It is absolutely unclear what hinders to support the regulatory database in both languages while, as we know, the Russian translation of all new legal acts and changes in the legislation are immediately published in the Official Paper.

Moreover, under Article 101 of the Law No.173 of 06/07/1994, the Government “shall provide free access on the Internet to all laws and bylaws published in accordance with the established procedure after June 23, 1990, and their updates as changes are made in them”.

The Freedom Moldova Human Rights Foundation calls attention of all human rights organizations, and attention of the Council for Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination to failure of the Government to fulfill its duties, that it silently and without explanations deprives a considerable part of Moldovan citizens of access to the legislation. We believe that this case creates a dangerous precedent and shall be condemned! We demand the Government to comply with the legislation in the field of the publication of legal acts, and to restore the violated rights of citizens!

December 15, 2017

Published at 18-12-2017, 11:26