Published at 26-09-2017, 14:08.

The Freedom Moldova Foundation has already called attention several times that the actions of police during the protest rallies became much more aggressive and at the same time are not legally acceptable (use of numerous police officers in plain clothes, use of tear gas, etc.).

At the rally held on September 17, 2017, its participant, Alexei Alexeev was detained. The police claim that he “rammed his car into the police cordon”.

Leaving out of consideration who needed the so-called “ram” and why, the fact that the car moved at very slow speed, and there were no police officer injured, is obvious. At least, no medical examination was submitted over the past days (though it has to be done immediately upon getting injury).

The fact reported by police that police officers “stopped” the car cannot but be surprising and elicit bewilderment as the car moving at any speed can hardly be “stopped” by human bodies.

The Freedom Moldova Human Rights Foundation expresses its outrage over the actions of the prosecutor and the judge on this case, who decided again to apply an exclusive measure of restraint for the defendant, in particular the arrest in penal institution.

We regard Alexeev’s detention as another attempt of the authorities to intimidate peaceful protesters using for this purpose the law enforcement agencies and the judicial system.

We demand Alexei Alexeev to be released from under arrest and the criminal prosecution against him to be terminated for the lack of evidence and elements of crime.

September 22, 2017
Published at 26-09-2017, 14:06.